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The macroeconomic modelling of research and innovation

GROWINPRO participates to the conference organised by the Directorate General of Research and Innovation of the European Commission, to be held on September 7 and 8 GROWINPRO’s Giovanni Dosi and Andrea Roventini are among the speakers at the European digital conference  “Moving the frontier of the macroeconomic modelling of Research and Innovation”, to be held […]

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The beneficial effects of R&D grants

A GROWINPRO research found that direct government funding of private R&D is effective in sustaining the innovative efforts and performance of small and medium enterprises Direct public grants to finance the research and development (R&D) efforts of private firms lead to positive and sizable effects, a GROWINPRO research found. The paper, The causal effects of […]

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COVID-19, a new section on the website

GROWINPRO partners are investigating the economic, social and scientific consequences posed by COVID-19 at a global level. Following the economic and social crisis triggered by the coronavirus pandemic, governments have to intervene in their economies in unprecedented ways. The EU is negotiating a recovery fund to tackle the consequences of COVID-19. “While this immediate response […]

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Strategic missions for the Italian public companies

A mission-oriented approach to unlock the potential of Italian State-owned enterprises. A Report by GROWINPRO and the Forum on Inequality and Diversity “Strategic missions for the Italian public companies” is the Report produced by the Forum on Inequality and Diversity – a member of the GROWINPRO civil society organizations network – with the contribution of […]

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The privilege of working from home

An article published on Intereconomics found that only 6.7 million workers in Italy can work from home while the remaining nearly 16 million workers perform tasks that they cannot do remotely The outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing social distancing policy implemented by many countries has spurred scary projections in terms of the number […]

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A mechanism to support SMEs in the COVID 19 crisis

We propose a mechanism – “profit-contingent repayable grants” – to support SMEs in the COVID 19 crisis. We argue that the mechanism can be implemented quickly, in a targeted way and with low administrative costs. The mechanism is characterised by a) profit- contingent repayment, b) limited repayment period (forgiveness), c) interest at market rates and […]

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Unjust societies in pandemic times

A new GROWINPRO study found that the adoption of social distancing and the persistent lockdown have been exacerbating pre-existing inequalities COVID-19 pandemic has thrown the world into the most severe crisis after the Great Depression. While the crisis could have been the opportunity to collectively question the current regime of unjust “rentified capitalism”, “it has […]

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The Green New Deal

The first GROWINPRO documentary is out. How to implement a “green plan” to jumpstart a smart and inclusive growth in Europe    The world is facing an unprecedented crisis following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. But, as many academics and policy makers are pointing out, the global response to the crisis could inform the […]

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