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A mechanism to support SMEs in the COVID 19 crisis

We propose a mechanism – “profit-contingent repayable grants” – to support SMEs in the COVID 19 crisis. We argue that the mechanism can be implemented quickly, in a targeted way and with low administrative costs. The mechanism is characterised by a) profit- contingent repayment, b) limited repayment period (forgiveness), c) interest at market rates and […]

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Unjust societies in pandemic times

A new GROWINPRO study found that the adoption of social distancing and the persistent lockdown have been exacerbating pre-existing inequalities COVID-19 pandemic has thrown the world into the most severe crisis after the Great Depression. While the crisis could have been the opportunity to collectively question the current regime of unjust “rentified capitalism”, “it has […]

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The Green New Deal

The first GROWINPRO documentary is out. How to implement a “green plan” to jumpstart a smart and inclusive growth in Europe    The world is facing an unprecedented crisis following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. But, as many academics and policy makers are pointing out, the global response to the crisis could inform the […]

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Escaping the high-debt and low-growth trap

A policy paper published by OFCE Science Po investigates the causes of Italy’s main economic plights and discuss some policy recommendations for a revival of growth To reignite growth and solve its public debt problem Italy needs more Europe not less Europe. This is the conclusion of a policy brief published by OFCE Science Po […]

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Macroeconomic policy making, a conference in London

GROWINPRO Andrea Roventini discussed the results of a research aimed at investigating what is the most appropriate combination of fiscal and monetary policies in economies subject to financial crises and deep recessions GROWINPRO principal investigator Andrea Roventini held a speech on “Fiscal and monetary policies in complex evolving economies” at the conference ‘’What can complexity […]

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New technologies, old socio-economic trends and the crucial role of policies

In order to achieve an inclusive and equalitarian society that collectively share the benefits of technological advances we must re-design policies and institutions A new GROWINPRO policy paper builds on a broad diagnostic of the current major trends in international growth, employment, income distribution in their interactions with the patterns of technological change known as […]

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Climate change affects the stability of the global financial system

A new study published in the journal Nature Climate Change highlights how climate-related damages impact on the stability of the global banking system. Climate-related damages can significantly affect the stability of the global financial system. This is what emerges from a new study published in the prestigious journal Nature Climate Change and carried out by […]

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The mounting cost of extreme natural disasters

A study carried out by researchers from the EMbeDS Department of Excellence and the Institute of Economics of the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna and published on PNAS, found that damages caused by extreme events have increased sharply over the last 50 years Economic damages caused by extreme natural disasters such as floods, storms, hurricanes, heat waves, […]

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