GROWINPRO project receives excellent rating by the European Commission

A recently released assessment by the European Commission states that the GROWINPRO project “has delivered exceptional results with significant immediate or potential impact”.

The EU-funded GROWINPRO project, run from January 2019 to June 2022, has been rated excellently by the European Commission. The project “has delivered exceptional results with significant immediate or potential impact”, states a recently released assessment by the European Commission.

Led by the Pisa-based Institute of Economics of Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna under the coordination of Prof. Andrea Roventini, GROWINPRO has put together researchers and practitioners from 14 research units across the EU and the UK. “It is impressive how a complex set of partnerships, including statistical agencies, has been particularly well and efficiently managed despite COVID-19”, reads the assessment. Moreover, “GROWINPRO is particularly impressive in the way the dissemination of results has been continuously upgraded, including the possibility for carrying out online simulation exercises”.

During its 42-month duration, the project has published more than 120 Working Papers, 50 peer-reviewed articles in major international scientific journals, four Policy Briefs, an innovative online policy simulator, an entirely dedicated Work Package on Covid-19, and 5 videos . In terms of outreach, over 60.000 persons have been reached by the GROWINPRO dissemination and stakeholders’ engagement activities.

This is why, the European Commission highlights in its assessment that “GROWINPRO has been an important H2020 project. The evidence from the macro-, meso-, and micro-analysis as well as the attention paid to dissemination, exploitation and impact are truly impressive (dissemination in the academic world with an exceptionally large number of peer reviewed journal articles, exploitation with the possibility to simulate online different outcomes of the modelling work, and policy impact with numerous presentations at conferences, the EP, television programmes and social media activities).”

“As a result”, the European Commission concludes, “GROWINPRO has probably become one of the most widely known H2020 projects.”