Newsletter n.1 – 8 May 2019

A new project for growth, welfare, innovation and productivity in Europe




Newsletter n.2 – 2 October 2019

Climate change: challenges and opportunities





Newsletter n. 3 – 10 June 2020

Green New Deal – The first GROWINPRO video is out




Newsletter n. 4 – 26 November 2020

The socio-economic consequences of the pandemic, a GROWINPRO conference




Newsletter n.5 – 22 March 2021

The new challenges of the technological era





Newsletter n.6 – 27 May 2021

The great amplifier. How to recover from COVID-19 and create a more just society



Newsletter n.7 – 21 December 2021

The GROWINPRO project contribution to a sustainable and inclusive growth



Newsletter  n.8  Р7 February 2022

Envisioning post-pandemic times. Economy and society after the COVID-19