How to achieve a sustainable growth. Results from GROWINPRO final conference

The project final conference presented and discussed the major findings and policy issues emerging after three years of research

“How to achieve a sustainable and inclusive growth: results from the GROWINPRO project” is the title of the GROWINPRO final conference, held online on June 16, 2022.

Researchers involved in the H2020 project presented and discussed the major findings and policy issues emerging after more than 3 years of research. Participants included academics, practitioners, external expert and policy makers.

The main goal of the GROWINPRO project was to provide a detailed analysis of the causes of the anaemic growth performance observed in Europe during the last decade and to deliver a set of policy recommendations aimed at restoring sustained and inclusive economic growth.

During the conference a wide array of policy-relevant issues was addressed, mainly related to the following topics:

  • How to achieve a sustainable growth.
  • The drivers of inequality: technology and institutions.
  • Patents and pharmaceutical innovations.
  • Structural change, global value chain and the evolution of the international economy.
  • Technology, firms and employment.

Check here the video recording of the conference:

Download here the slides of the conference

GROWINPRO results and EU policies

How to achieve sustainable growth

Key results and policy recommendations from the GROWINPRO project

Structural change, global value chains and the evolutions of the international economy

Technology, firms, productivity and employment

The drivers of inequality, technology and institutions

The drivers of inequality