Armanda Cetrulo, Dario Guarascio, Maria Enrica Virgillito The privilege of working from home

An article published on Intereconomics found that only 6.7 million workers in Italy can work from home while the remaining nearly 16 million workers perform tasks that they cannot do remotely

Giovanni Dosi, Lucrezia Fanti, Maria Enrica Virgillito Unjust societies in pandemic times

A new GROWINPRO study found that the adoption of social distancing and the persistent lockdown have been exacerbating pre-existing inequalities

Werner Hölzl
Philipp Schmidt-Dengler
A mechanism to support SMEs in the COVID 19 crisis

working paper 16/2020
Nicola Bellomo, Richard Bingham, Mark A.J. Chaplain, Giovanni Dosi, Guido Forni, Damian A. Knopoff, John Lowengrub, Reidun Twarock, Maria Enrica Virgillito A multi-scale model of virus pandemic: Heterogeneous interactive entities in a globally connected world

working paper 17/2020
Alessandro Basurto, Herbert Dawid, Philipp Harting, Jasper Hepp, Dirk Kohlweyer