Giovanni Dosi, Elisa Palagi, Andrea Roventini and Emanuele Russo

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Do patents really foster innovation in the pharmaceutical sector? Results from an evolutionary, agent-based model

The role of the patent system in the pharmaceutical sector is highly debated also due to its strong public health implications. In this paper we develop an evolutionary, agent-based model of the pharmaceutical industry to explore the impact of different configurations of the patent system upon innovation and competition. The model is able to replicate […]

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Does mission-oriented funding stimulate private R&D? Evidence from military R&D for US states

US military Research and Development (R&D) expenditures arguably represent the best example of mission-oriented policy. They are sizeable, with a clear-cut public purpose (national defense) and with the government being their exclusive beneficiary. Exploiting a longitudinal dataset linking public R&D obligations to private R&D expenditures for US states, we investigate the impact of defense R&D […]

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Public policies and the art of catching up: matching the historical evidence with a multi-country agent-based model

In this paper, we study the effects of industrial policies on international convergence using a multi-country agent-based model which builds upon Dosi et al. (2019b). The model features a group of microfounded economies, with evolving industries, populated by heterogeneous firms that compete in international markets. In each country, technological change is driven by firms’ activities […]

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Characterizing growth instability: new evidence on unit roots and structural breaks in long run time series

In this paper we investigate whether long run time series of income per capita are better described by a trend-stationary model with few structural changes or by unit root processes in which permanent stochastic shocks are responsible for the observed growth discontinuities. To this purpose, we develop a methodology to test the null of a […]

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Technical progress and structural change: a long-term view

Along the development path, countries experience large transformations in their economic structure as productive resources move towards different economic activities. “Modern economic growth” is also associated with a self-sustained process of technical change which leads to the emergence of new products and sectors characterized by different scopes for productivity gains and demand growth. In this […]

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