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The GROWINPRO Policy Package for Unleashing Sustainable and Inclusive Growth in the European Union

In this policy brief, we present the insights and policy solutions stemming from the research carried out during the three year of the Horizon 2020 GROWINPRO project. The main goals of the project are to provide a detailed analysis of the causes of the anemic growth performance observed in Europe during the last decades and […]

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Reconstructing Income Inequality in Italy: New Evidence and Tax Policy Implications from Distributional National Accounts

This work reconstructs novel series on income distribution in Italy combining survey data, tax data and National Accounts both at the national and regional levels, and it analyzes the overall progressivity of the tax system. Our new Distributional National Accounts allow to correct for remarkable misreporting of capital income in surveys, to provide more accurate […]

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Do patents really foster innovation in the pharmaceutical sector? Results from an evolutionary, agent-based model

The role of the patent system in the pharmaceutical sector is highly debated also due to its strong public health implications. In this paper we develop an evolutionary, agent-based model of the pharmaceutical industry to explore the impact of different configurations of the patent system upon innovation and competition. The model is able to replicate […]

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AgriLOVE: agriculture, land-use and technical change in an evolutionary, agent-based model

This paper presents a novel agent-based model of land use and technological change in the agricultural sector under environmental boundaries, finite available resources and changing land productivity. In particular, we model a spatially explicit economy populated by boundedly-rational farmers competing and innovating to fulfill an exogenous demand for food, while coping with a changing environment […]

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Mission-Oriented Policies and the “Entrepreneurial State” at Work: An Agent-Based Exploration

We study the impact of alternative innovation policies on the short-and long-run performance of the economy, as well as on public finances, extending the Schumpeter meeting Keynes agentbased model (Dosi et al., 2010). In particular, we consider market-based innovation policies such as R&D subsidies to firms, tax discount on investment, and direct policies akin to […]

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