Giovanni Dosi, Andrea Roventini and Tania Treibich

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The GROWINPRO Policy Package for Unleashing Sustainable and Inclusive Growth in the European Union

In this policy brief, we present the insights and policy solutions stemming from the research carried out during the three year of the Horizon 2020 GROWINPRO project. The main goals of the project are to provide a detailed analysis of the causes of the anemic growth performance observed in Europe during the last decades and […]

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Is there job polarization in developing economies? A review and outlook

This paper analyses the evidence of job polarization in developing countries. We carry out an extensive review of the existing empirical literature and examine the primary data sources and measures of routine intensity. The synthesis of results suggests that job polarization in emerging economies is only incipient compared to other advanced economies. We then examine […]

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For whom the bell tolls: the firm-level effects of automation on wage and gender inequality

This paper investigates the impact of investment in automation- and AI- related goods on within-firm wage inequality in the French economy during the period 2002-2017. We document that most of wage inequality in France is accounted for by differences among workers belonging to the same firm, rather than by differences between sectors, firms, and occupations. […]

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