Stefano Costa, Stefano De Santis, Giovanni Dosi, Roberto Monducci, Angelica Sbardella and Maria Enrica Virgillito

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Firm responses to the pandemic crisis: sticky capabilites and widespread restructuring

This paper is meant to address the status of the Italian productive system in the wake of the most severe crisis economies are facing since WWII. In order to accomplish the latter task we rely on the combination of two high quality level dataset informing about so called firm behavioural traits: the first, the IMCPI […]

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Italian firms in times of troubles: Covid-19 pandemic as a test of structural solidity

In this paper we study the structural robustness of Italian business system, using Covid-19 pandemic as an exogenous event to test it. To this aim, we use the ROC (Receiver Operating Characteristics) methodology, quite new for Economics, to classify Italian firms according to their economic solidity, obtaining a taxonomy based on a wide set of […]

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From organizational capabilities to corporate performances: at the roots of productivity slowdown

This paper is one of the first attempts at empirically identifying organizational capabilities – in this work concerning Italian firms. Together, it proposes new evidence on the link between capabilities and economic performances. In order to do so, we employ the Indagine Multiscopo del Censimento Permanente delle Imprese (IMCPI), a survey carried out by the […]

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Trade networks and shock transmission within the Italian production system

Making use of domestic and international input-output tables and network analysis indicators, we analyze international and domestic trade relationships of Italian industries looking at their ability of transmission of shocks. To do this, we also propose a new taxonomy being able to distinguish sectors in terms of the extent to, and the speed at, which […]

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Tech on the ROC: Export Threshold and Technology Adoption Interacted

This paper analyses the potential mismatch between the conditions required for a manufacturing firm to become exporter and the pattern of technology adoption within the industry. The ‘export threshold’, which is estimated using the ROC methodology, is the minimum combination of productivity and ‘economic size’ (a broader measure of firm size) that firms need to […]

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