Fabio Bacchini, Daniela Fantozzi, Linda Galizzi and Davide Zurlo

Author Archive | Fabio Bacchini, Daniela Fantozzi, Linda Galizzi and Davide Zurlo


Modelling inequality in aggregate consumption function: a policy evaluation for Italy

This work explores the interaction of the inequality in the aggregate consumption function for the Italian economy. Measures of inequality are derived by exploiting the rich information in the EU-SILC survey available from 2003 up to 2018 matched with the World Inequality Database (WID) to span a larger sample. According to these measures, Italian income […]

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Italian firms in times of troubles: Covid-19 pandemic as a test of structural solidity

In this paper we study the structural robustness of Italian business system, using Covid-19 pandemic as an exogenous event to test it. To this aim, we use the ROC (Receiver Operating Characteristics) methodology, quite new for Economics, to classify Italian firms according to their economic solidity, obtaining a taxonomy based on a wide set of […]

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Modelling public and private investment in innovation

In this paper we assess the contribution of investment in innovation to GDP growth in a macroeconometric model for the Italian economy. The analysis adopts the model for medium term forecasts (MeMo-It) developed by the Italian Statistical Institute (Istat), where investment is modeled by asset and institutional sector. Adopting this framework, we provide empirical evidence […]

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Tech on the ROC: Export Threshold and Technology Adoption Interacted

This paper analyses the potential mismatch between the conditions required for a manufacturing firm to become exporter and the pattern of technology adoption within the industry. The ‘export threshold’, which is estimated using the ROC methodology, is the minimum combination of productivity and ‘economic size’ (a broader measure of firm size) that firms need to […]

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