Value creation and distribution in the digital era

The first GROWINPRO annual conference, jointly organised with the OECD, was held online on January 27/28, 2021. Among the participants, the Nobel laureate economist Joseph Stiglitz

“Value creation and distribution in the digital era” is the theme at the core of the GROWINPRO’s first annual conference, held online on January 27/28, 2021.

The web event, jointly organised by OECD – the Committee on Industry Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE), and the Working Party on Industry Analysis (WPIA) – and the GROWINPRO research team, involved contributions and presentations of representatives of both groups.

Participants included academics, practitioners, government officials and high-level policy representatives.

The Nobel laureate economist Joseph Stiglitz – member of the GROWINPRO advisory board – addressed the participants with a speech on the social consequences of the digital revolution – “Bridging or expanding divides: value creation and distribution in the digital era”.

Generally, the conference aims at gathering comparative cross-country evidence and discuss a wide array of policy-relevant issues related to the following topics:

  • The micro and macroeconomic analysis of productivity.
  • The industry structure and dynamics.
  • The internal division of labour, global value chain and the appropriation of value.
  • The technological change and the pattern of employment.

A special session of the conference was dedicated to the exploration of the policy tools that governments need in order to tackle the challenges brought about by the technological change. The role that innovation and competition policies can play in the digital transformation era was addressed in a round-table with Fiona Scott Morton (Yale School of Management), Pierre Régibeau (chief economist at DG Competition), and Giovanni Dosi (Sant’Anna School for Advanced Studies and deputy coordinator of GROWINPRO). The panel was chaired by Chiara Criscuolo (OECD economist).

Mariagrazia Squicciarini, OECD senior economist and Giovanni Dosi, Deputy Coordinator of GROWINPRO, closed the conference.

Download here the program and the booklet of the event

Download here the slides of the conference presentations:

  1. The role of (de)centralised wage setting for industry dynamics and economic growth UNIVERSITAET BIELEFELD (GERMANY)
  2. Determinants of productivity gap in the European Union: A multilevel perspective – UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LONDON
  3. Choosing technologies: Benefits of investing into the fourth industrial revolution – ZEW (GERMANY)
  4. Mapping organizational capabilities and corporate performances – ISTAT (ITALY)
  5. The impact of superstar firms on the labour share: Evidence from Belgium – KU LEUVEN (BELGIUM)