Vanessa Behrens, Florence Blandinieres and Bettina Peters

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Generation, Diffusion and Productivity Effects of Industry 4.0 Technologies

This paper explores the role of 4.0 technologies in three dimensions. First, we examine the patterns and trends in the emergence of 4.0 technologies in Europe, differentiating between technology groups (core, enabling and twin technologies). A novel feature is that we specifically focus on the digital intensity of 4.0 patents, as they show strong heterogeneity […]

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Benefits of Investing into the Development of 4IR-Related Technologies

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) presents a major technology transformation towards a data-driven economy, associated with both high costs and potential benefits. We build and estimate a dynamic discrete technology choice model to explain a firm’s decisions to engage in the development of new 4IR and (or) non-4IR related technologies. The model takes the endogenous […]

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Incumbents and Entrants as Carriers of Innovation and Productivity Growth

This paper compares the role of innovation on productivity growth for entrants and incumbents. Creating a novel representative micro data set for both groups of firms in Germany, we find that entrants experience significantly larger gains from investments in R&D than incumbents. Entrants’ returns to innovation are also considerably more heterogeneous, with output elasticities ranging […]

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