Jože P. Damijan, Sandra Damijan and Črt Kostevc

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Vaccination is reasonably effective in limiting the spread of COVID-19 infections, hospitalizations and deaths with COVID-19

This paper uses large cross-country data for 110 countries to examine the effectiveness of COVID vaccination coverage. Our results confirm that vaccines are reasonably effective in both limiting the spread of infections and containing more severe disease progression in symptomatic patients. First, the results show that full vaccination rate is consistently negatively correlated with the […]

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The China syndrome revisited: Impact of innovation and globalisation pressures on labor market outcomes in the EU

This deliverable is part of the Task 2.5 with an aim to provide an industry study of the impact of globalization and innovation on employment dynamics in the EU member states. It builds on the discussion which factors to led to the decline of manufacturing employment in advanced countries. The discussion was focused on two […]

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