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The effect of the Great Recession on the employment growth of young vs. small firms in the Eurozone

This paper examines the uneven impact of the Great Recession on firm-level employment growth across firm size and age classes. Based on firm-level data from ten Eurozone countries, we show that, notwithstanding the negative impact of the crisis, young firms were the most dynamic group of firms and prime contributors to net job creation even […]

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The causal effects of R&D grants: evidence from a regression discontinuity

Direct public support for business R&D is a well-established remedy to market failures, yet empirical evidence on its e ectiveness yields con icting results. The paper investigates the impact of the rst European public R&D grant program targeting small and medium enterprises (i.e. the SME Instrument) on a wide range of rm outcomes. We leverage the […]

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Exploring the seeds of the fourth industrial revolution: the emergent trajectories of industry 4.0 technologies

Technological revolutions mark profound transformations in socio-economic systems. They are associated with the diffusion of general purpose technologies that display very high degrees of pervasiveness, dynamism and complementarity. This paper provides an in-depth examination of the technologies underpinning the ‘factory of the future’ as profiled by the Industry 4.0 paradigm. It contains an exploratory comparative […]

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