The macroeconomic modelling of research and innovation

GROWINPRO participates to the conference organised by the Directorate General of Research and Innovation of the European Commission, to be held on September 7 and 8

GROWINPRO’s Giovanni Dosi and Andrea Roventini are among the speakers at the European digital conference  “Moving the frontier of the macroeconomic modelling of Research and Innovation”, to be held on September 7 and 8.

The event is organised by the Directorate General of Research and Innovation of the European Commission and aims to contribute to the further development of the management and assessment of R&I investments and of the role that public policies have in scientific, technological and economic development. It is intended to be the first of a recurrent series of events stimulating the research and the policy debate, bringing together key researchers and stakeholders to discuss the best practices in the field.

Being at a crossroad between research and policy, the conference brings together leading experts from academia and policymakers to present the latest advancements in macroeconomic modelling of R&I and to discuss their relevance for policy. It is targeted at economists of innovation, policy makers, academics and scholars.

The event is opened by the Director General of DG R&I, Jean-Eric Paquet and includes two keynote speeches, two paper panels, and one high-level policy panel. GROWINPRO’s Giovanni Dosi will chair the first keynote speech session, while Andrea Roventini, GROWINPRO’s principal investigator, will present the paper “The Entrepreneurial State at Work: an Agent-Based Exploration” wherein the impact of different innovation policies will be assessed.

The conference is organised in cooperation with an independent Group of experts, set up in 2018 to advice the DG R&I of the European Commission. The Group, of which GROWINPRO researcher Pierre Mohnen is member, produced a Report which will be officially launched and discussed at the conference.


Download here the full program of the conference