Strategic missions for the Italian public companies

A mission-oriented approach to unlock the potential of Italian State-owned enterprises. A Report by GROWINPRO and the Forum on Inequality and Diversity

“Strategic missions for the Italian public companies” is the Report produced by the Forum on Inequality and Diversity – a member of the GROWINPRO civil society organizations network – with the contribution of GROWINPRO researchers.

The Report, developed within the “Committee on business and development” jointly created by the Forum on Inequality and Diversity and the GROWINPRO project, has been presented on Wednesday, July 1st at the presence of the Italian Minister of Economy and Finance, Roberto Gualtieri.

For nine months, researchers investigated the main Italian State-owned enterprises and interviewed their leaders with the main goal of “unlocking the still largely unexpressed potential of the Italian public enterprises”.  Italian public companies are endowed with extraordinary technical and innovative capacities, fundamental for relaunching competitiveness of the economic system, helping to promote social justice and environmental sustainability.  The causes of this underutilization of their potential are mainly attributable to two factors: first, the lack of definition of strategic missions by the state towards public enterprises, and second, the insufficient interaction and systemic and coordinated action between the public companies themselves.

The main policy proposals advanced by researchers focus on the definition of long-term strategic missions for State-owned companies.  Industrial and innovation strategies triggered by a mission-oriented approach, can be key pillars to address societal challenges and achieve transformational change toward a smart, green and inclusive growth.

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