Jelena Reljic, Armanda Cetrulo, Valeria Cirillo and Andrea Coveri

Author Archive | Jelena Reljic, Armanda Cetrulo, Valeria Cirillo and Andrea Coveri


Non-Standard Work and Innovation: Evidence from European Industries

Following a market-oriented approach, policies aimed at increasing labour flexibility by weakening employment protection institutions should enable firms to efficiently allocate resources, improve their capability to compete on international markets and adjust to economic cycle. This work documents the rise of non-standard (i.e. temporary and part-time) work in five European countries (Germany, France, Italy, the […]

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Industry 4.0: revolution or hype? Reassessing recent technological trends and their impact on labour

The aim of this paper is to reassess the current view of current technological trends adopting an historical perspective on previous industrial revolution.  In our interpretation, the historical record provides some suggestive evidence for a more sceptical view of the notion of an emerging “fourth” industrial revolution. Indeed, even at an impressionistic glance, the recent […]

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Anatomy of the Italian occupational structure: concentrated power and distributed knowledge

Which type of work do Italians perform? In this contribution we aim at detecting the anatomy of the Italian occupational structure by taking stock of a micro-level dataset registering the task content, the execution of procedures, the knowledge embedded in the work itself, called ICP (Indagine Campionaria sulle Professioni), the latter being comparable to the […]

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