Lockdown, dinamiche regionali e settoriali

Tommaso Ferraresi, Leonardo Ghezzi, Fabio Vanni, Mattia Guerini, Francesco Lamperti, Giorgio Fagiolo, Alessandro Caiani, Mauro Napoletano, Andrea Roventini

A mechanism to support SMEs in the COVID 19 crisis

Werner Hölzl and Philipp Schmidt-Dengler

Covid-19 und seine erwarteten Auswirkungen auf F&E in Unternehmen

Bernhard Dachs and Bettina Peters

Policy Lessons From Medical Responses to the COVID-19 Crisis

Giovanni Dosi

Foster recovery from COVID-19 through science, technology, and innovation

Fernando Santiago, Bernhard Dachs and Bettina Peters

Strategic missions and policy opportunities for State-owned enterprises

Simone Gasperin, Giovanni Dosi, Mariana Mazzucato and Andrea Roventini

The second GROWINPRO policy brief looks at the system of State-owned enterprises in Italy, highlighting the policy opportunity to exploit their full potential through coordinated mission-oriented strategies

Whither the evolution of the contemporary social fabric? New technologies, old socio-economic trends and the crucial role of policies

Giovanni Dosi and Maria Enrica Virgillito

The first GROWINPRO policy report builds on a broad diagnostic of the current major trends in international growth, employment, income distribution in their interactions with the patterns of technological change that we could term ‘intelligent automation’.