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The new challenges of the technological era

From technology to surveillance, to the power of giant tech. A series of videos from the GROWINPRO/OECD conference. With the Nobel laureate economist Joseph Stiglitz What is the impact of the digital transformation on the production and on the distribution of value? The first GROWINPRO annual conference, jointly organised with the OECD and held on […]

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A mission-oriented approach for the post-COVID recovery

GROWINPRO participated at the event organised by Forum on Inequality and Diversity aimed at presenting a set of policy tools to tackle the challenges posed by the COVID-19 crisis On December 13, 2020 GROWINPRO’s principal investigator, Andrea Roventini, participated at a policy debate within the final session of the “OpenForum DD”. Open Forum DD was […]

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Value creation and distribution in the digital era

The first GROWINPRO annual conference, jointly organised with the OECD, was held online on January 27/28, 2021. Among the participants, the Nobel laureate economist Joseph Stiglitz “Value creation and distribution in the digital era” is the theme at the core of the GROWINPRO’s first annual conference, held online on January 27/28, 2021. The web event, […]

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The socio-economic consequences of the pandemic, a GROWINPRO conference

The event, held on December 2, 2020, presented the latest research outputs developed by the consortium developing analyses and policy guidelines to tackle the Covid-19 crisis On 2nd December 2020 GROWINPRO project organised a major conference dedicated to the analyses of the socio-economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic and to the policy tools that governments […]

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The private spillovers of mission-oriented R&D programs

A new GROWINPRO study shows that mission-oriented funding of research and development strongly crowds-in privately financed R&D at the macro-regional level and fosters employment in high-tech sectors The paper, Does mission-oriented funding stimulate private R&D? Evidence from military R&D for US states, focuses on defense-related R&D funded by the US government as a relevant example […]

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The macroeconomic modelling of research and innovation

GROWINPRO participates to the conference organised by the Directorate General of Research and Innovation of the European Commission, to be held on September 7 and 8 GROWINPRO’s Giovanni Dosi and Andrea Roventini are among the speakers at the European digital conference  “Moving the frontier of the macroeconomic modelling of Research and Innovation”, to be held […]

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The beneficial effects of R&D grants

A GROWINPRO research found that direct government funding of private R&D is effective in sustaining the innovative efforts and performance of small and medium enterprises Direct public grants to finance the research and development (R&D) efforts of private firms lead to positive and sizable effects, a GROWINPRO research found. The paper, The causal effects of […]

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