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Rethinking capitalism, a two-days workshop in Milan

How to rethink the relationships between State, market and finance with the ultimate goal of promoting a new progressive agenda for the European Union The GROWINPRO coordinator, Andrea Roventini, presented the ISIGrowth project results at the two-days workshop ‘FeltrinelliCamp’ – Rethinking capitalism: from globalization to humanization – organised by the Fondazione Feltrinelli and held in […]

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Agent-based macroeconomics, a seminar in Pisa

The GROWINPRO researchers Giovanni Dosi and Andrea Roventini discussed with Alan Kirman on April 10th about complexity and agent-based models in a seminar dedicated to the macroeconomic challenges for the XXI century Andrea Roventini and Giovanni Dosi, the principal investigator and the deputy of the newly launched GROWINPRO project (Growth, Welfare, Innovation, Productivity) discussed with […]

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